Greenville Newcomers Club Helps Homeless Children & Military Families

Some new residents of the east wasted no time in making a difference in their community.

The Greenville Newcomers Club donated hundreds of teddy bears to the QSA Foundation, a group that offers assistance to homeless children and military families.

The Newcomers Club is a social group for people who are new to the area.

Club president Chris Rodgers says that the club identifies a different need in the community every month that they can help out with, and then set out to make a difference.

QSA Foundation leader Sheila Parson says their efforts will go a long way towards making kids happy. Parson says, "I'm so delighted to be able to provide care packages to children with these cute little bears and bunnies and ducks you know for them so they can have something to enjoy with life because it's really hard when you're homeless and when it's cold."

The Newcomers Club says it looks forward to helping other groups in the future.