Greenville Murder Victim's Roommate Not Allowed In Apartment 2 Years Later

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It's been almost two years since a man was found shot and killed inside a Greenville apartment, but there has not been an arrest in the case. The unsolved murder is causing heartache for the friends and a family of 64-year-old Michael Burgwardt and a major complication for the man who used to live with the victim.

The victim's roommate, Glenn Williams, says he can't get into the apartment at Summer Place Gardens to get out his personal belongings nearly two years later because the apartment is still considered a crime scene.

In 2011, Greenville police say Michael Burgwardt was found shot and killed inside Summer Place Gardens apartments in Greenville where he worked. His roommate Glenn Williams who lived in that same apartment says a law passe din 2009 is keeping him from getting his belongings. Police have padlocked the apartment. Williams says police only allowed him inside once since his friend was found shot and killed in the front room in November 2011.

Williams says nearly all of his possessions, including a TV, furniture, and clothing are still inside the apartment.

"Personally I feel like I'm being victimized because I can't get my stuff and I've been living out of a suitcase for almost two years, and why should I have to start all over when I've got stuff in an apartment and all I've got to do is get in there and get it out," said Williams.

Greenville Police say they have to keep the apartment off limits because there is still DNA inside, and the area is still considered a crime scene until the district attorney says otherwise.

District Attorney Kimberly Robb says according to the state law passed in 2009, there is no specific timeline as to how long an area can be considered a crime scene, but until there is a trial or a plea, the apartment will be locked as a crime scene. Robb also explained part of the reason the apartment has to remain sealed is that once someone is arrested, that suspect's attorney is then allowed equal access to the crime scene.