Greenville Man Reacts To Neighbor Being Shot In Shooting Spree

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We spoke to a man who says he is the neighbor is the first man who was shot in a shooting spree in Greenville.

Michael Jones lives on Mercury Drive in Greenville, and says his neighbor was the man shot Friday outside the Kellum Law Firm on Greenville Boulevard. Another neighbor who wouldn't go on camera told us her husband was visiting the victim in the hospital, and that the victim was in stable condition as of Friday night.

Jones says he was on his way back from Myrtle Beach with his family when they heard the news.

"My nephew had called me and asked if I knew what happened in Greenville, and he informed me of what happened. And later on, on the way back from Myrtle Beach, one of my wife's coworkers called and said it was our neighbor that had gotten shot," said Michael Jones

Jones says his neighbor didn't deserve this, nor did any of the victims. He says he's praying for their families, and for the victims' swift and speedy recovery.