Greenville Man Crawls 12 Hours Through Woods After Breaking Leg

An amazing story of survival from an Eastern Carolina hunter when the man crawled for 12 hours to safety after breaking his leg.

Joe Liuzza says after what happened to him this weekend he will never go hunting alone again.

Liuzza is still recovering at Vidant Medical Center today. On Saturday the Greenville man was hunting on property he owns near Robersonville when he fell out of a deer stand that was 15 feet up in a tree.

Liuzza, who was born deaf, says he was able to put his broken bone back in place and put a make-shift splint around his right leg, based on what's he's seen on television and in the movies.

Unfortunately, the man's cell phone got wet during the fall and wouldn't work.

Liuzza says he then spent the next 12 agonizing hours crawling through the nearly pitch black woods back to his truck. Once there the man used his gun barrel to hit the gas, but changing gears on the 5-speed manual truck was a bit of a challenge. "I tried to drive, but I have a five speed truck and getting into first gear I couldn't with my leg, so I used the gun to hit the gas, just to get into first gear. After that I was ok, I could put the gun aside and use my left foot," Liuzza said.

Doctors expect Liuzza to be released from Vidant later today, but he could undergo more surgeries and they're not sure how well the man will walk once he fully recovers.