Greenville Gives The Go Ahead For Parking Garage

Greenville City Council voted 6-0 Monday night to build a parking garage downtown.

The four-story parking deck would be located near 4th street and Cotanche street and add 256 parking spaces to the area.

David Carpenter is on the Uptown Greenville executive board and thinks it will be a great asset. Carpenter says, "I think it's going to send a very powerful signal to the citizens that if they want to come into downtown to frequent whatever business, that they will not have a problem finding a place to park."

Council also voted 5-1 to build a transportation and activity center.

After extensive presentations and discussion, the council voted in favor of site number 5 near Dickinson Avenue.

The council still needs to determine how they'll specifically use the site, but the overall idea is for it to be a central location for various types of public transportation in the city.