Greenville Crime: Perception Vs. Reality

Numbers may show a reduction in crime, but perception can be reality.

People who hear about crime may think it's a problem, but not everyone is believing the worst.

Whether you work or live in Greenville---people are going to talk about the crime--

Bobbi Jones lives in Kinston but was in Greenville Thursday and said, "Yea, it's just terrible anywhere, but Greenville is no worse"

ECU Junior Vanity Nowell says, "It does make me feel a little nervous cause I often hear about it through email about different things that have gone on over the weekends."

Despite that, Nowell says she feels safe. Cameron Boltes of Washington said the same thing. "I think people tend to over react to stuff and it kind of becomes blown out of proportion."

But city councilmember Kandie Smith says, "Perception is reality for most people. If I perceive that it's dangerous, then it's dangerous. It doesn't matter what the stats say."

Smith says with all the resources to curb crime, she says it comes down to community involvement. "A lot of times people see things but they don't want to say anything." We could take every dime in Greenville and don't do anything but put it towards our police department doesn't mean it will stop all crime."