Greenville Couple Wins $750,000 Lottery Prize

An Eastern Carolina couple says they plan to live a less stressful life after winning $750,000 in a lottery game.

Wesley and Ginny Riggs of Greenville took home a check for $510,003 after taxes. Riggs, a technician for a local small motor manufacturer, learned of his big win on Wednesday at the Wilco Hess on Highway 264 East. That's where he bought the ticket.

“I lost train of thought,” Wesley said of the moment he scratched his ticket. “I thought my mind was paying tricks on me. I left the car running, got out of the car, left the car door open and walked right into the store. I handed the guy the ticket and said ‘I need you to verify this for me.’ He said I needed to claim at the lottery so I knew it was a nice winner.”

They won the prize in the Jumbo Bucks Game. The couple plan to use a portion of their winnings to build a new home, help their parents, save for their daughter's college fund and possibly take a cruise.