Greenville Community Shelter Opening Doors To All In Need

The Greenville Community Shelter usually opens their doors from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. each evening. They close each morning at 8 A.M.

But with the second round of severe weather, the shelter says they're staying open 24 hours and will not turn anyone away.

Staff members say they have 78 beds available. Typically, when the shelter meets that capacity others are turned away. That won't be the case Tuesday night, as people will need a place to stay during especially cold conditions.

Staff members say they're prepared to bring in couches and mattresses for additional people.

Administrative Assistant Brittany Pinkham said, "We are keeping the shelter open so residents can stay inside all day. We are not turning any residents away. If we have to, if we get completely full, we will put cots down to let people sleep."

Pinkham says there were 10 open beds Monday night. The shelter expects to at least meet capacity Tuesday night.