Greenville City Council Approved Ordinance Change To Comply With Gun Law

Greenville City Council members are preparing for a state law that will take effect within a few weeks to allow permit holders to carry concealed guns at parks, greenways, and some sports fields.

The city is required by the state to make an ordinance change in order to enforce the concealed carry law.

Governor Pat McCrory signed the bill into law earlier this year, getting praise from gun supporters, but causing concern for anti-gun activists.

City Council voted 5 to 1 to approve the ordinance change.

City councilmember Marion Blackburn voted no, saying, "Our parks, our trails, our open spaces, these are not places where guns are needed. And I never heard from the community that they wanted guns in these places."

The law goes into effect across the state October 1st.


Guns will soon be allowed in parks across the state and Greenville officials are meeting Thursday to talk about enforcing the state law which goes into effect October 1st.

The state legislature approved a bill allowing permit holders to carry their concealed weapon while at parks. It's a bill that's getting a lot of attention from gun supporters and anti-gun activists. Signed by Governor Pat McCrory, it allows gun permit holders to carry a concealed weapon in the parks, which is currently not allowed.

On Thursday, city council members will discuss an ordinance change which requires them to allow handguns on greenways, some athletic fields and other areas.

Mayor Allen Thomas says, once the state passes a law, the city has to enforce it. News that has some people relieved, and others concerned. the bill does not allow gun permit holders to take their gun in into schools, universities, or government property.