Greenville Candlelight Vigil Remembers January Homicide Victims

Angentte Daniels and Anthony Johnson, two homicide victims who lost their lives in January, left plenty of family behind to try and cope with their loss.

On Thursday night in Greenville the two families were doing just that, at the monthly homicide victims vigil in Pitt County.

Both from Greenville, Johnson was shot and killed on January 2nd in the Westview subdivision, and Daniels was killed on Alice Drive on January 13th in what police say was a murder-suicide.

Johnson's mother Joyce says she's struggling to move forward. "Normally I usually holler and cry, and other times I just sit there and look at a picture of his and I get all right."

Both Johnson and Daniels left behind several children, and Johnson also had grandchildren.

The next Citizens United Against Violence vigil will be March 7th at 6 o'clock at the Pitt County Courthouse.