Greenville Appoints "Citizen Working Group" For University Neighborhood

With last month's approval of the 4-unrelated rule in Greenville, the city is now moving forward with its plans.

Thursday night the mayor and council members appointed a citizen working group for the university neighborhood.

Mayor Allen Thomas says, "We're so excited to get this initiative to make this area safer, clean it up, and make it the most revitalized area in Greenville."

The mayor and councilmembers Marion Blackburn and Dennis Mitchell each appointed two people, a total of six members, for the neighborhood's citizen working group.

Blackburn says, "Whenever you get people that share some common goals and ideas, there is the possibility that some good will come of it."

Blackburn says the most important factor in her choices, was their ability to stay focused. "To select people that were able to work in a very difficult circumstance, and yet still speak up for good policy and be able to work in a setting, that could be tense."

The specific goals of the group have yet to be determined. Blackburn says that decision should be up to appointed members. "We need to be sensitive to what they want this panel to accomplish, regardless of who made the appointments that goes for all 6 members. We need to be super sensitive to what they would like to accomplish."

So now, the two sides of the issue are working together. Mayor Thomas says, "I think the inclusiveness of this, representing so many people across Greenville and this community is what excites me. And I look forward to in a year coming back and talking about what a success the university neighborhood is for the city."

Blackburn says the six group members chosen are residents of the university neighborhood.