Grant Buys 50 Defibrillators For Pitt County Deputies, First Responders

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The Pitt County Sheriff's office has received a grant through Vidant Medical Foundation for 50 new automated external defibrillators or A.E.D.s More than half of those will go inside patrol vehicles, while the others will go to first responders in the county. Melissia Larson, says there are times when deputies are the first on a scene, and though they are C.P.R certified, these defibrillators can give deputies a way to resuscitate a patient until paramedics arrive.

"These AED gives us one more lifesaving tool that we can deploy out in the field. Sheriff's deputies are already out in the field moving around the county. Sometimes we are the first responder to an ems call and EMS is on the way, but if we get there first we can deploy an AED and possibly save a life," said Larson.

The defibrillators cost about $1200 a piece.