Governor's Budget Plan Boosts Funding For Tryon Palace

Governor Pat McCrory was generous to the Tryon palace in New Bern in his first recommended budget.

In the proposed budget, the palace budget would increase from about $2 million a year to more than $2.6 million a year for the next 2 fiscal years.

Recently the palace has struggled to stay within their budget and stay open. This money would be geared toward restoring critical operating support and staffing.

"This is very important and dramatic. We have gone through this over 18 months and the fact that we are on the governor's budget led me to believe we will be able to avoid loosing further or additional positions," said Tryon Palace Director Philippe Lafargue.

The palace says it hopes to lessen the amount of government funded support and raise funds through private donations. The budget still has to go through the legislature.