Governor, Lt. Governor Visited ENC Thursday Pushing For Job Creation

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Governor Pat McCrory took a trip to eastern carolina, pushing jobs and economic growth as he toured the recently built facility Spirit Aerosystems facility at the Global Transpark in Kinston.

A recent poll from Senate District 1 in the northeastern part of the state had McCrory's approval rating at just 32%, which is lower than president Barack Obama's, which is at 39%. McCrory says plans for the northeastern part of the state aren't being dictated by any polls, but instead job growth continues to be his priority.

"The heck with polls," said Gov. McCrory. "This is about jobs, and people's livelihood, and we're having a different... we're trying to have a statewide plan for jobs, but we also have to recognize there's unique niches in each part of the state that we're developing, and working with those regional partnerships to make that happen."

As far as job progress goes in Kinston at the Spirit facility, in the past the company had stated they were quote "committed to creating 1,036 jobs through the year 2014 as part of its agreement to receive state tax incentives." so far, they are at just over 400 jobs.

Governor Pat McCrory was in Kinston for a special Thursday afternoon tour while Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest met with local business owners in Greenville.

Governor Pat McCrory toured the Spirit Aerosystems Facilities in Lenoir County at 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

The facility broke ground in September of 2008.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest met with local, small business growers in Pitt County in a round table talk with members of the National Federation of Independent Business starting at noon at Pitt Community College.