Gov. McCrory Makes A Stop In The East & Outlines His Plans

He's only officially been our governor for three days, but Pat McCrory was already on the move in Eastern Carolina Tuesday as he traveled to New Bern, where he had a sit-down interview with WITN before he held an open house for the public.

While McCrory is the first governor in two decades who isn't from Eastern Carolina, he says he came here to send a message that between the agriculture industry and coastal ports, he says we're crucial to the state's progress. McCrory says, "To be here I think sends a signal that I respect history, but I also understand that we should learn from history and not repeat the same mistakes we've made in the past."

McCrory says while he isn't from the east, that won't keep him from spending plenty of time here. McCrory says, "Governor Martin, who came from the county that I live in, was probably seen more in the east than the governors that came from the east and I think you'll see the same from me."

McCrory spoke to a large crowd at the Tryon Palace History Center for almost twenty minutes, addressing the state's debt, and discussing his new cabinet. "I looked among Republicans, I looked around Democrats, I looked around independents. I wanted talent to fix things and I'm proud to say in the last 6 weeks, we have found that talent."

Salvador Tinoco came from Greene County to see the new governor and says, "I came to support our new government, we are very excited. The Hispanic community, as well as Snow Hill and Greene County, we're very optimistic."

Tinoco says he liked what he heard from the new governor, and says the trip was well worth it. "Very on time, very on point, and very, very productive. Very positive about everything."

McCrory says his first order of business is to reduce the 2.8 billion dollars of debt. He says he's looking for long term plans to send a signal that North Carolina has a vision, and a strategy to get there.

McCrory took the oath of office last Saturday in a private ceremony, but a public gala will be held for him this weekend.