Gordon's Golf & Ski Shop Back Open After Arson 7 Months Ago

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It's been 7 months since Greenville police say someone intentionally set fire to Gordon's Golf and Ski Shop on Arlington Boulevard. Friday we caught up with the owners who are back in the old building and open for business. Owner Gordon Fulp says, the building that caught fire in April 25th reopened last week.

After the fire, the family owned business moved temporarily across the street. Fulp says both locations are open for now. There's still no word on who is responsible for setting the fire. Fulp says in addition to selling coats, golf and ski supplies, he's added new high-quality surveillance cameras to the building.

"At one point we didn't know if we were going to try this or not, but anyway, we're back and we're going to try to keep going. So we're excited about it and we hope we'll see a lot of our friends. We've got the coffee and cookies waiting," said Gordon Fulp.

Fulp plans to have a grand opening sometime next week. He says the temporary location across the street will probably stay open through December.