Goldsboro Woman's Heating Unit Breaks On Her Birthday

People here in Eastern Carolina are telling WITN that they are sick and tired of this cold weather.

But imagine having your heating system break this time of year. That's what happened to Elizabeth Hulse on Friday, and on her birthday no less!

Hulse said, "The temperature just started dropping in the house, and then all of a sudden the thermostat just stopped at 54 degrees."

Outside, temperatures were in the 20's Fridays evening in Goldsboro. Eric Collins for Jackson & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning made the repairs.

Collins said, "It's very gratifying to see people so thankful for it. Although we're doing them a service and they're paying us for it. To see them so thankful, really makes you smile."

Luckily Hulse had a backup plan to stay warm while waiting for Collins to finish the job.

Hulse said, "I'm not really a cold weather person, but anyways, this fire place is what gets me through the winter."