Goldsboro Police Investigating Homicide After Man Found Shot To Death In Vehicle

Police say that a man found dead inside a vehicle from a gunshot wound is being investigated as a homicide.

Goldsboro Police say they responded to a call for service in the 100 block of South Audubon Avenue and found 18-year-old Gustin Hinnant of 800 S. George Street, dead from a gunshot wound inside his vehicle.

Hinnant was taken to Wayne Memorial Hospital and is scheduled to be taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Raleigh for autopsy.

If you have any information concerning the death of Hinnant, you’re asked to contact Investigator J.T. Beeken of the Goldsboro Police Department at 919-580-4218, Crime Stoppers at 919-735-2255, or text 919-222-4230.