Globetrotters To Honor Brotherly Love In Rocky Mount

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After an early letter to Santa went viral, a local boy is not only making news but working to make his sister's world a better place.

Rocky Mount Preparatory School student, Ryan Suffern and his twin sister Amber are now eight years old.

Ryan has seemingly been weighed down with worry, watching his sister be bullied for being overweight and multi-racial. So he asked for Santa's help in an early letter.

"I wanted a (remote control) car and helicopter, but I don't want that anymore. Kids at school are still picking on Amber and it's not fair because she doesn't do anything to them at all," wrote the eight-year-old. "It makes me mad. I prayed that they will stop but God is busy and needs your help. Is it against the rules to give a gift early?"

Since Santa is still in pre-season preparation, the Globetrotters are pitching in to lend a hand thanks to Wilson native and Globetrotter, Ant Atkinson.

At 2 p.m. on Thursday, the performing basketball crew will present an assembly to the 600 students at Ryan and Amber's school with a message of action, bravery, and compassion in the face of bullying.

After the presentation, Ryan and Amber are being awarded the signed basketballs, the titles of Junior Phenoms, and tickets to the Globetrotters' show in Raleigh this March.