Gas Prices Lowest On Average In Four Years

Gas prices are at their lowest average since 2010, according to price tracker

Nationwide, the average price of regular gas has dropped 15 cents since the Fourth of July holiday from 3.66 a gallon to 3.51.

According to most oil markets have returned to price levels seen before worries about Russian and Iraqi supply dominated headlines in the second quarter.

The website predicts prices will continue to drop, unless a named hurricane hits oil refining clusters along the Gulf Coast.

The nation's best state for cheap gas is South Carolina with an average of $3.22 a gallon. The highest is Hawaii at $4.34 per gallon.

The average in NC is $3.41 with prices ranging from a low of $3.09 in Kings Mountain, to a high of $4.12 in Marshall.

To check gas prices in your area, just click on the lifestyle tab at the top of the WITN homepage and then click on gas prices.