GUC Offers Advice On Lowering Heating Bill

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You're not only going to feel the pain of these freezing temperatures outside, you could feel it in your wallet too unless you take steps to try and lower your heating bill.

Greenville Utilities says for many people it's best to leave your heat at one constant temperature and not change it too often.
Supervisor Andy Yakim also says to make sure to keep uninsulated windows and doors covered to prevent cold air from coming in.

"It's best if you have an air heat pump to leave it alone. With other systems, gas, electric, propane, electric furnaces, electric baseboards- it's good to make adjustments. If you can turn it off when you're gone or turn it way down when you're gone, big savings there," said Greenville Utilities Supervisor Andy Yakim.

Yakim says it costs more money to heat your home than to cool it. So if you can avoid cranking up that thermostat and stick to adding layers it could end up saving you several dollars.