More Snow, Less Ice Will Decrease Number Of Power Outages

Greenville Utilities held a staff meeting Tuesday afternoon to get their crews ready for any power outages that may occur overnight.

As long as it's more snow than ice, GUC said residents shouldn't see many outages at all.

GUC will have crews on standby that can immediately respond to any electrical problems Tuesday night.

Roger Jones, Director of Electrical Systems, said they typically see fewer power outages with snow than with ice because ice tends to freeze power lines and cause a range of power outages.

Jones said, "Typically, ice and freezing rain building up on tree limbs and so forth is much more likely to cause large-scale power outages than snow by itself. We may still have a few problems but certainly snow is much better than ice."

When temperatures get into the single digits, Jones said they don't simply worry about power lines. Crews are also keeping an eye on underground lines.