GPD Arrests 53 In Gang-Related Crimes Roundup

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53 people are behind bars for crimes involving illegal guns and hardcore drugs, and Greenville Police say some of them are in local gangs.

Greenville Police say they're still looking for 21 more suspects, bringing the total to 74. Chief Hassan Aden says it's been a 9-month undercover operation, with those arrested involved with illegal firearms, marijuana, crack cocaine, and heroin just to name a few. The roundup started Friday. Out of the 21 still remaining, Lieutenant Carlton Williams says it shouldn't be long before they too are behind bars.

"Most of these people are Greenville residents or at least frequent Greenville on a daily basis, so we feel they are in the area, and it's just a matter of time before they're picked up," said GPD Lt. Carlton Williams.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney is investigating the crimes. 27 guns, 2 vehicles, marijuana, crack, powder cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, percoset, and oxycodone were seized by police.