From Illegal Immigrant To American Citizen & Successful Greene County Businessman

Imagine being 14-years old, speaking a different language, and completely on your own? That's how a local farmer's journey began almost 30 years ago after he crossed the Mexican border looking to provide for his family.

Today Dino Infante owns his own farm, and is considered one of the best success stories in Greene County.

Infante's journey started nearly 30-years ago when he crossed the Mexican border into Texas. Four-years later Infante made his way to Eastern Carolina and met his future business partner, Buzz Shackelford.
Shackelford says, "Dino just came to help me cause they were looking for a job, he and a friend of his. And they were literally living in a car."

By 1997, about 14-years after first coming here, Infante became a legal U.S. citizen. Infante says, "In those years it wasn't so difficult to get legal. Now, it's real difficult, but in those years, they didn't ask you for so much."

After already working for Shackelford, in 2010 Infante went to the Farm Service Agency, where he took out loans, so he could start running his own farm.

Today, he runs Infante Farm, and partners with Shackelford.

In the words of Shackelford, Infante is the ultimate success story. Shackelford says, "It was difficult for him I'm sure, but he took his time and he did it the right way. So, it can be done."

The Farm Service Agency tells us if Infante continues to pay off his loans and build his credit, they'll be ready to graduate him from their program within a year. The typical start-up farmer takes 7-years, Infante would be done in four.