From Hot To Not In 24 Hours

After record breaking temperatures across much of eastern Carolina on Monday, Tuesday's conditions are proving to be quite a bit cooler. Afternoon temperatures, which are usually the warmest of the day, have gone from the mid to upper 70s down to the mid to low 50s for inland areas. Coastal communities are hanging on to the warmth of yesterday better than their inland neighbors, with temperatures in the mid to low 60s.

This drastic drop off in temperature, and temperature difference for that matter, is due to the cold front that has stalled out over the area. This stall has allowed the southern regions to hold on to some of the warm air that all of us enjoyed Monday.

If you are a warm weather fan, there is good news. The front will head northward tonight, allowing southwesterly winds to push warm air back over us for one more day (Wednesday) this week. After that, cold weather fans will start smiling as we return to temperatures in the mid to low 50s, possibly dipping in to the 40s at times next week.