From Freezing To Tropical In Three Days

The snow balls have been thrown. The ice has melted. Three days ago, we struggled to get above freezing. The air was frigid, the roads were icy and a winter weather advisory was issued for all of eastern Carolina. The situation was dire for drivers everywhere in the east.

72 hours later, we are enjoying sunny skies and temperatures at or above 70°. Today, on the tropical island of Maui, highs are expected to be in the low 70s. No, that is not a typo. Our conditions have flipped from freezing to Hawaiian. And with a temperature transition as drastic as the one we are currently experiencing, it almost feels wrong not to put a cocktail umbrella in our lunch time beverages.

These conditions will continue through Wednesday, although sunshine won't be as plentiful as it is today. Another cold front will move through Thursday, forcing temperatures back down to the mid 40s.