Free Summer Lunch Program In Onslow County Schools

A United States Department of Agriculture program is providing free lunches this summer to help families who rely on school meals for their kids.

About 200 children ate a free lunch at Tuesday at the Clyde Erwin Elementary School in Jacksonville.

Some are the same ones who make up the nearly 46 percent of Onslow County students who received free or reduced lunch last school year.

You don't have to be an Onslow County student to get a free lunch. Retired Marine Master Sergeant and founder of the "Children Under Family and Financial Stress" or CUFFS Academy, Emanuel Simmons, brought in his summer boxing camp group.

He took his campers for free lunch when the program started last summer and is back this year saving campers' families money.

Simmons says, "We can always feed the kids what we want, but to feed them the right things, we have a better opportunity to do that inside the school. They give them a balanced meal. They have the energy to burn for the boxing camp and they're satisfied with it."

The program provided more than 5,600 free meals last summer.