Free Greenville Camp Teaches Basketball & Life Skills

A boy's wish to be able to attend a local basketball camp turned into one man's mission to do something more.

It's not easy for some to pay hundreds of dollars for a summer training camp with real professional ball players. So one man made it his mission to put together a camp that doesn't cost a thing.

Keith McLawhorn, a professional athletic trainer who just moved back to Greenville says, "What motivated me was last year a kid came up to me and he wanted to come to a big time camp that cost $200.00. In the back of my mind I was like why should I give him $200.00 to go to a camp when I could just throw a free one here and help all the kids at the same time."

The camp at West Greenville gym has 103 kids participating.

Bertie County native Billy McShepard, a member of the NBA Development League's Sioux Falls Skyforce, is among those teaching at the camp. McShepard says, "Keith called me and told me what was going on, and I agreed to it, no problem."

Tonya Ebron, who has a child at the camp, can't say enough about what they're doing. She says, "It's a chance for them to give back to the community. You always hear about the bad stuff, particularly about our black males not doing a whole lot. These guys and girls that come out and help these kids to show them, they can do a lot more in life."

McLawhorn says he teaches players the three 'A's of life...academics, attitude and that order, to help kids put in perspective, what's important in life.