Four Beaufort County Businesses Broken Into On The Same Day

Employees and owners of four businesses, all in the same small town, say they were broken into on the same day.

All four are located in Chocowinity, in Beaufort County.

It happened on February 12th, while most people were battling snow and ice.

We're told they were all broken into either through the roof or by having one of their doors pried open.

One of them suffered more damage than the others, as the intruder busted a hole through the side of the building to escape.

Anna Raigner, a bartender at Sunset Lounge, says, "I feel like I'm living in Greenville. With all the crime rate going on there, I feel like it's trickled over here. And like I said, it's happening in my back yard and I don't like it.

But the bar wasn't the only victim that day.

WITN spoke with three other stores in Chocowinity that were also targeted, including Salon 33, Brenda's Florist, and the Choco Convenience Mart.

The employees and owners of the those businesses wouldn't go on camera, but say they too were either broken into through the roof, or by having a door pried open.

WITN is still waiting to hear back from the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

Stay with for updates.