Former Marine Gets Probation In Brutal Cabbie Attack

A former Camp Lejeune Marine, who was caught on camera last year brutally beating a cab driver, has pleaded guilty.

Adam Kinosh received five years probation after his guilty plea to assault inflicting serious injury.

A surveillance camera in the cab caught the assault on tape in Surf City. Charles Hawkesworth had a fractured cheek bone, says he can't breathe out of his left nostril and still suffers from permanent nerve damage. Hawkesworth told the judge he had thousands of dollars in medical bills and still has trouble sleeping.

In court today, Kinosh's lawyer said the man had no memory of the attack, he just remembers drinking a lot. Kinosh was a gunnery sergeant who was in several combat situations and suffers from traumatic brain injuries because of nearby explosions. The man was given a general discharge, according to his attorney.

During the sentencing, Kinosh apologized to Hawkesworth. "It makes me sick inside to think I'm the cause of your PTSD knowing how it feels. I've been able to recognize a lot of issues I've had. I'm sharing my experiences so people don't do the same thing. I know you might never forgive me. I want I make things right. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry to the Marines. I'm terribly ashamed and embarrassed."

Kinosh will have to pay the victim $8654 in lost wages, plus his medical and counseling fees.

The former Marine will also have to complete PTSD counseling, be under electronic house arrest for one year, consume no alcohol during probation and not communicate with the victim.