Former GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Visits New Bern, Greenville

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A former Republican presidential candidate made a pair of stops in the east Friday.

Mike Huckabee stopped first in New Bern at the convention center where he hosted his national radio show this afternoon and then he made a stop at the Hilton in Greenville for the Tom and Sadie show on WTIB. One of the topics the former Arkansas governor hit on this afternoon was social security.

"Well I don't think you can get rid of social security. Its been a mainstay of America if we had to do over would it be structured differently? Probably so, but we don't. We have to live with the recipe that grandma gave us, and there are to many people who are building retirement plans around what that social security income is going to be. But the last thing you can say to these people who paid in...We're going to take that money from you," said Huckabee.

Huckabee said if you're under a certain age there should be a solution if you would like to stay in the program or opt out but still pay a little to keep the program going.