Forest Ranger: Onslow Wildfire Started By People Shooting Guns

Fire investigators in Onslow County say a wildfire that threatened 86 homes may have been set off by people shooting guns.

Crews are still putting out hot spots at that fire that started almost a week ago.

Originally the wildfire was estimated at 125 acres, now fire officials say that number is closer to 500 acres--and they now have a probable cause. They say the wildfire was started by people shooting guns--and the low humidity we had last weekend caused the hot ammunition to spark the blaze.

Onslow County Forest Ranger Ricky Adkins says,"When you've got dry dead winter fuels combined with extremely low humidity, you have explosive fire behavior and that's what we had."

North Carolina Forest Service plans to talk to two people they say might know what started the fire.

They say anyone who saw the fire and didn't report it could be in trouble.