Folks In Eastern Carolina Gather For National Day Of Prayer

Strangers joined hands across the country Thursday for the 63rd annual National Day of Prayer, including plenty of people in Eastern Carolina.

"We prayed for our military we pray for our elected officials, from white house down to the court houses, our young people, our education system and our economic development."

"It's a day where believers from all different types of backgrounds not only pray for their own specific city but pray for America and the nation as well," said Sarah Echel in Kinston.

The theme for this year is "One Voice United in Prayer." Theresa Hooker walked by the Lenoir County courthouse and was drawn to the singing and worship, so she stopped and joined.

"We have so much going on and we really need to reach out and help our young folks," said Hooker. "We need to be united as a family no matter your race or anything, you just need to be together."