Flu Prompts Some Visitation Restrictions At Vidant Children's Hospital

With the Centers for Disease Control showing the flu widespread in NC, one hospital in the east is limiting some visitors so patients don't contract the virus.

Vidant Children's Hospital in Greenville says it is restricting visitors 12-years and under.

Dr. Alex Dalzell says the children's hospital at Vidant is one of the biggest risk areas for the spread of influenza. He says children under 12-years-old are less likely to cover their mouths when coughing or frequently wash their hands.

Dr. Dalzell says they've done restrictions in recent years, but this year they're starting earlier than usual. "When we get to around 2% of infectious illnesses coming through emergency rooms and doctor offices being influenza or influenza-like illnesses, we make a decision to start restricting, simply to keep the spread in the hospital down."

Dr. Dalzell says based on the number of cases they've seen, this flu season has already proven to be more serious than last year. He says the restrictions will continue until flu season ends.