Florida Woman Chooses Unusual Way To Honor Service Members

On this Good Friday, we wanted to show you one woman's good deed.

Donna Street left Fort Lauderdale, Florida in February to walk to Washington D.C. for our service members. But there's one other thing. The 61-year-old is carrying a six-foot inflatable soldier.

At just 5'3'', Street strapped the inflatable on her back to symbolize that she has service member's backs. WITN caught up with the Florida woman as she passed through Greenville on Friday.

"When I got older, it became something that was eating at my heart for the military," explains Street. "I really feel like I just want to put my arms around all of them and draw them in and say, I love ya. I appreciate ya. I really do from the bottom of my heart."

Street has a website where people can help her cause. For more information, click on the related link.