Five Employees Sent To Hospital After Chemical Reaction

Five employees of a Goldsboro food processing company were sent to the hospital after a chemical reaction late this morning.

It happened around 11:30 a.m. at SunBurst Foods, that's off U.S. 70 East behind Walmart.

Fire Chief Gary Whaley tells WITN News that some employees were trying to clean a spot on the building's cement floor and had mixed cleaning solution with cement cleaner that contained uric acid.

Whaley says there was a bad reaction which released fumes into the building. He said five employees had difficulty breathing and had headaches. They were taken to Wayne Memorial Hospital where they were eventually treated and released.

The fire chief says there were 50 employees in the building, which was evacuated and ventilated. They were allowed back inside after about 90 minutes.

SunBurst makes pre-packaged sandwiches.