Firefighters Recall Fertilizer Plant Fire In The East

The fire at the Texas fertilizer plant is bringing back memories for some in Eastern Carolina who dealt with a fire at a fertilizer plant here.

It was just a couple of years ago that a fertilizer plant in the east was destroyed after a fire ripped through the 18,000 square foot building.

Officials say no one was working at the Halifax Fertilizer Company in Enfield when the fire started during the night in 2011.

They say the fire may have started in the shop and moved to the warehouse.

Fire officials on the scene say tanks exploded in the shop and it fueled the fire.

Today the Halifax Fertilizer Company is still open on the property where it once burned down.

Fire officials say they watched closely what was going on Wednesday night in Texas. Enfield Fire Chief Ronnie Locke says, "It brought back memories . When it came on breaking news and I was getting ready to go to bed I stayed up to 1:00 o'clock watching it and piecing together what the news media was telling us. Then when it finally showed the tanks I said ammonia."

Officials that were on the scene of the Halifax fire two years ago said they were lucky there were no huge explosions and they were able to get the fire out in several hours.