Storm Damage Reports And Photo Gallery

One neighborhood in Farmville saw damage this afternoon as storms pushed through the area, while a woman in Beaufort County was slightly injured.

On Hillcrest Drive and West Church Street in Farmville, three large pine trees were brought down.

At one home, a tree landed on a storage barn and broke out a window in back of the home.

The other house had a huge pine fall on top of it, rolling off the roof and causing little damage to the home. That tree did take out a fence.

Power is out sporadically around Farmville, and multiple downed tree limbs are scattered throughout town. There have been no reports of injuries.

Farmville police have closed one street in town due to a weather related crash.

Part of East Wilson Street is closed between North Waverly and Greene streets.

Police say a vehicle hit standing water from this afternoon's rain and hydroplaned. The vehicle then struck a utility pole which is now leaning.

Police blocked off the street until the pole could be repaired.

Elsewhere, in Bell Arthur there were reports of damage to homes, a garage, and downed trees and power lines. The high winds snapped a power pole, and damaged a nearby home in one location.

In Beaufort County, one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after a power line fell in front of a vehicle pulling a camper.

Emergency Management Coordinator John Pack says it happened on Herring Run Road. He says a falling tree brought the power line down into the path of the vehicle. He says straight-line winds were estimated at between 50 and 60 miles per hour.

Pack says trees and power lines were also brought down on Core Point Road, as well as Highway 33.

In Washington County, a Creswell gas station had its canopy blown into the highway.

Trees were also reported down near Bayboro in Pamlico County. Tideland Electric also reported more than 300 customers without power.