Farmville Residents Worried About Potential Crematorium Nearby

A funeral home in one Eastern Carolina community wants to build a crematorium on their property, but neighbors say the potential health risks are too high.

The Farmville Funeral Home is located on East Church Street in the heart of downtown. It's surrounded by several businesses, restaurants and homes.

The issue, whether or not to build a crematorium, came before the Farmville Town Council on Tuesday. The Planning and Zoning Board did not recommend it be built next the funeral home.

Farmville Funeral Home asked commissioners to table the issue until they can hold an informational public hearing about crematoriums. The date has not been set.

Nearby business said they didn't think the owners would put the community in danger, but some neighbors are concerned.

Blair East said,"Mercury poisoning comes from when you burn a body. I know amalgam dental fillings are a major cause of it. It's omitted in the air and it's cumulative. It affects children more than adults from what I have read."

The Board of Commissioners will likely hold their own public meeting once the funeral home requests another bid.