Farmers' Almanac: Super Bowl May Be 'Storm Bowl'

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) - Football fans lucky enough to score a Super Bowl ticket may want to pack an extra pair of long johns.

The Farmers' Almanac is describing the upcoming winter as "bitterly cold." And if its predictions are right, the first outdoor Super Bowl in years will be a messy "Storm Bowl."

The 197-year-old almanac that hits newsstands Monday predicts a winter storm will hit around the time the Super Bowl is played Feb. 2 in New Jersey. It also predicts a colder-than-normal winter for two-thirds of the country and heavy snowfall in the Midwest, Great Lakes and New England.

Modern scientists don't put much stock in the almanac's secret formula that's based on planetary positions, sunspots and lunar cycles, but the almanac says it's correct about 80 percent of the time.