Fans React To ECU Football Move To Big East

The announcement that ECU football is headed to the Big East in 2014 has "Pirate Nation" abuzz.

Senior ECU football player Leroy Vick took the news of his teams 2014 move with the class you'd expect from a graduating member. Vick said, "I've had my time here at East Carolina. It's been great but I'm just excited for the competition that the new guys get to see, they get to show their athleticism on a different stage."

ECU student Destiny Britt said, "Everyone's pretty excited about it. I think it's a great opportunity for the ECU football team to get more national publicity."

Some wish the entire sports program was making the switch, but others like ECU student Rashad Collins says, "Actually I would rather it be one at a time to see how it works out at first with one team and then if another team can handle it they can join in rather than we all go in at once and do awful all at once."