Family Finds Note On Door Explaining Police Shot Pet

(WIS) An Irmo, South Carolina family was shocked to come home to a note on their door explaining that a police officer had shot and killed their dog on Labor Day.

4-year-old Kenya was a German Shepherd Lab mix. She's been known to roam her Irmo neighborhood from time to time. But her family says she's never gone far and never hurt anyone.

"She's probably gotten out about three or four times and usually a neighbor comes by and says 'Hey, your dog's in my yard,' and we go get her," said Kenya's owner Jared Mann. "It's never been a big deal."

When her family returned to their home after Labor Day fun, Kenya was not there.

"We found a note on the front door saying that our dog has been shot by Irmo PD," said Mann.
"We found the blood right after we found the note in our front yard."

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