Fallen Winterville National Guard Members Remembered During Veterans Day Ceremony

Three Winterville based National Guard members killed during an attack in Afghanistan last month, along with a survivor, were honored and remembered during Veterans Day ceremonies Monday.

The families of Sgt. TJ Butler and Staff Sgt. Donna Johnson were on hand for a special Veterans Day ceremony in Winterville.

Each of the the families of the fallen service members were given a Winterville flag as a sign of respect. The town also announced that November 12th in the town of Winterville will now be a day of remembrance for those two, and Sgt. Jeremy Hardison, who was also killed in the attack.

Sgt. Kyle Snyder was also recognized. He was injured during that October 1st attack. Snyder says, We hung out, we played ball together over there and our free time was spent together, so it's just like losing a family member. Really, I lost two brothers and a sister that day."

Butler, Johnson and Hardison were members of the 514th military police and were killed when a suicide bomber detonated a vest.