Sheriff Says Lenoir County Man Shot, Killed Brother

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Lenoir County Sheriff Chris Hill said around 8:00 Sunday night the Lenoir County 911 center received a report of a person shot at 5825 Little Wiggins Road near La Grange.

Hill said when deputies arrived to the scene they found Davis Brent Wiggins, 35, dead in the home near a side entry door. Hill said the victim had apparently been shot in the neck.

Sheriff Hill said the shooting suspect was identified as the victim's brother, Scott Wiggins.

Scott Wiggins was home when authorities arrived and cooperated with law enforcement during the investigation, according to Sheriff Hill.

Investigators said the two brothers and their families live next door to each other. They said the shooting stemmed from an argument earlier in the evening.

The victim walked over to his brother's home to continue the argument. The brothers then got in a physical fight, according to investigators. The wives of the brothers tried to separate the two men. The victim got on the outside of the side entry door and was being blocked by the wives.

It was reported Scott Wiggins got his handgun and fired a warning shot. The victim then charged into the home.

Scott Wiggnins reportedly fired one round hitting his brother in the neck. Family tried performing CPR but Davis Wiggins died at the scene, according to Sheriff Hill.

No charges have been filed in this matter.

The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney for review.

The body was taken to Lenoir Memorial Hospital and an autopsy will be scheduled.

Alcohol is suspected to have played a role in this case as it concerns the victim.