FDNY Firefighters Stop In Greenville On Bike Journey To Florida

It's day six of an 18-day, 1,400 mile journey for a group of New York City firefighters raising awareness and money, through a bicycle ride down the east coast.

They had a warm welcome at Greenville Fire Rescue Station 1 Tuesday night.

The firefighters are riding for the Navy SEAL Museum Scholarship Fund and the Navy SEAL Trident House.

FDNY Firefighter Kieran Wilhelm says, "Families of Navy SEAL's that are unfortunately killed in action can stay at that home free of charge and kind of gather themselves after such a devastating loss."

Along with their bicycles, they're transporting a 14-foot steel beam from the rubble of the World Trade Center after it collapsed on 9/11.

FDNY Firefighter Kevin McCormick says, "A lot of these towns we're coming to, people have only seen stuff on TV, and this is, it really brings kind of a reality to it. I mean, the first time I saw it it kind of brought a reality to me too."

The firefighters are scheduled to arrive at the Navy SEAL Memorial in Florida on Saturday, April 5th.