FCC Considers Allowing Phone Calls In Flight

The Federal Communications Commission is considering allowing airline passengers to use cell phones on planes!

It's already allowed it in parts of Europe and Asia. As you might imagine, the telecommunications industry and consumer electronics association think it's a great idea.

Not all passengers agree.

Some passengers say they value the peace and quiet: "I can't imagine what it would be like on an already crowded airplane random people having random conversations on all levels of volumes," said one traveler.

Others need to stay connected. "Most of my travel is work. And so it's very difficult to unplug," said another traveler.

Now, after the FAA recently allowed other electronic devices like tablets, the government may consider letting airline passengers to make cell phone calls in flight, except for takeoff and landing.

Flight attendants don't like the idea. "Passengers do not want that. Passengers do not want the cell phones and I can promise you flight attendants don't either," said Veda Shook, Association of Flight Attendants.

"This idea is every frequent flier's worst nightmare to be stuck in a tube flying 30,000 feet with people making unnecessary calls for six hours or more," said Travel & Leisure International Editor, Mark Orwoll.

But the government believes it's safe. "The policy that we put out today strikes the appropriate balance between responding to what customers want, but first and foremost ensuring we have a safe environment," said Michael Huerta, FAA.

The friendly skies, perhaps not so friendly if you're sitting next to a six hour conversation.

Tracie Potts, NBC News.