FBI Believes Virginia School Bus Stop Victim Taken To North Carolina

The FBI says they now believe a man who kidnapped an 11-year-old from a Virginia school bus stop last week took the child into North Carolina.

Police in Isle of Wright, which is west of Norfolk, say the girl was abducted last Wednesday morning and taken to two different locations where she was sexually assaulted. She was then driven back to the area of the abduction and released.

The man is an older white man with a blondish/gray beard, blond hair, blue eyes, wearing cut-off jeans and tennis shoes. He was driving a 1995-2001 Chevy Cavalier, two door, either light gray or silver.

Police say they have been able to identify one of the sexual assault locations, but need help in finding the second crime scene. It could be along U.S. 13 and the abandoned home is a two-story wood-frame house, with no roof shingles and it is partially collapsing. It is some 200 yards off the paved road. There is a discarded HVAC unit in the yard, and across the road are newer homes. The closest is described as a well-kept 2 story house, white with red shutters and a gray roof. That house has a wooden fence in the backyard.

If you know of this location you should call Isle of Wright police at 757-365-6290 or the FBI.