Expanded Tarboro Charter School Starts A New Year

A public charter school in Tarboro has more than doubled in size in just it's second year in operation.

Monday was back to school for nearly 900 students at Northeast Carolina Prep School in Tarboro. That's 500 more students than the public charter school enrolled last year.

The K through 9 campus also opened the doors of its brand new middle school facility, making it possible to take on so many new students.

School officials decided to start the school year earlier than traditional public schools, but say the kids and their parents don't seem to mind.

John Westberg is the school executive director. He says, "The community and the parents have been very supportive. They understand that the first day or two there are going to be some glitches so we're working through those, but the children are happy they're glad to be back and staff is very very excited."

Plans to build a new high school on the campus are already in the works.