Excitement Builds In ENC For Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia is translating into local interest in winter sports.

At Bladez On Ice in Greenville, we found the excitement around the games has gotten people more interested in trying winter sports, like ice skating and hockey.

Students involved with winter sports at ECU say they've been enjoying the spotlight as well.

Sally Warren with ECU Club Figure Skating says, "All the guys are talking about getting together and watching it on TV, we already have a schedule set up at our house. We've got the 60 inch ready to go. We're definitely looking forward to the Olympics coming on."

The students involved with Club Figure Skating and Club Ice Hockey at ECU say they've had more people contact them about joining.

A.J. Hamel with ECU Club Hockey says, "Hockey isn't exactly front page news for sports. You get football, basketball. When the Olympics come around you get that facetime, that time in the spotlight where you can really show that sport and put it on display. Show kids, hey, give it a try see what you think."

Hamel says a recent free day at Bladez On Ice saw almost 150 people turn out.

You of course can watch the Olympics on WITN.