Emergency Communications: Only Call 911 For Emergencies During Snow Event

With this week's weather event -- 9-1-1 communications centers are gearing up to make sure that service isn't interrupted when it matters most.

Both Beaufort and Martin Counties say that they will have 2 to 3 communicators on hand to field calls throughout the entirety of the storm.

During a shift change, Major Kenneth Watson with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office says they will have 4 wheel drive vehicles ready to bring operators in should they have trouble getting to work.

Officials say the reality is that as the roads deteriorate, response times will likely increase.

They also want people to remember the number 5-1-1. That number links people to the DOT where they can get roadway information. Officials say people in the past have tied up 911 lines asking for roadway information, something they want to avoid.